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Irish Channel Fudge
Michael Mastro
Make this one of your favorites!

This fudge never disappoints. Great texture and wonderful taste. Just awesome!

Love Potion #9
Michael Mastro
The name does not lie.

Smooth, tasty and perfect on everything!

Belle Helene
Michael Sosa
So good!

Few things are better than chocolate paired with fruit. The pear jam combines beautifully with this chocolate truffle. The crunchy waffle crisp adds a nice texture. My only regret is I didn't order more.


These are amazing! Just the right amount of chocolate, sweet, salt and heat. Highly addictive!

Dude Sweet Peeps 6 pack
Katherine Moulton
Best Peeps

Since I tried these peeps a few years ago, I keep ordering them every year. They are just the best. The lemon is light and the marshmallow is so creamy.

Cocoa Puff Marshmallow
Harland Melville
Delightful light Candy

These are light but without losing flavor. A unique,
phenomenally enjoyable treat!

Great taste and texture

Normally we stick to our favorite the Hanoi Fudge, but saw this and gave it a try. It could be a new favorite. Nice deep taste, and of course the texture is perfect too.

Creole Chocolate Fondue
Good but Thawed

My recipients enjoyed the chocolate salami and fondue, however, upon arrival to their door, the ice packs were warm and melted. That was their comment when they received it, and the weather was cool that day

The best gift ever

A business partner sent this as a holiday gift. I won't lie, everyone in the office thought it was funny, and left it on my desk. I tried it, because I love Figs, and who doesn't love chocolate. This is delicious. Hands down, delicious. Quality ingredients that make you feel good about enjoying a treat.

Garden Variety Box - Limited Quantities
Deanna Burton
Beautiful chocolates fast shipping

These were beautiful and my girlfriend loved them. Shipping was very careful and super fast.

Old School Truffle Filled Heart
Garcelle Hill
Never had Chocolate this good

I ordered this item for valentines day for my husband.
First of all the chocolate appears exactly as the picture on the website, shiny withe the iridescence on top. Then, when you open it you immediately get the smell of raspberries. The you cut it open, and you see dark chocolate, then there is a fudge portion, there are dark cherries and pistachio nuts all dotted throughout the heart. Also there was a really soft chocolate layer the seemed to melt on your fingers as you touch it. But the best part was the flavors, it's the sweet cherries, the crunchy pistachios...somewhere I tasted was literally the best chocolate I ever ate. Between my husband and I, we ate a pound of this chocolate when we opened it Valentine's night, it's incredible. I saw this shop profiled on a TV show and I like to support small businesses, this is one of the best. Here is a picture of when we opened our heart. My husband is not a chocolate lover, but he ate more than I did and said this was the best chocolate he's ever had.

Tub of Goodness

I was a bit skeptical of dark chocolate and hazelnut, like Nutella turned me off.
But this hazelnut spread is not overpowering sweet, it's smooth, not grainy and you can taste the roastedness ( if that's a word) of the nuts. It's just delicious.

Albatross Fudge
Rachel Schriever
The best.

I know blue cheese and chocolate it shouldn't work, but oh my goodness it's divine It's creamy, chocolaty and a little salty. It's my favorite.

Garden Variety Box - Limited Quantities
Stacy Wildman
Delightful Delicacies

We are thoroughly enjoying these tasty morsels, splitting one each night for a treat after dinner. They are special, both visually and on the palate.

Vegan chocolate salami! Yum!

Just got this for Valentine’s Day from my sweetie! Definitely a five star review. So glad you’re making upscale vegan chocolates. Looking forward to trying your other products.

Love Letter to New Orleans Valentine's Box
Robert Gantt
Simply the most complex flavor exposion the pallete can handle.

As always Catherines Team delivers one of a kind talk of the town creations. No simple Candy bar will ever compare to the mindmelding flavors from" Nola with Love" creations. I look forward to future creations as her creative genious gathers the not so common ingredients together from around the globe. There is something available for those enjoying complex and well thought out blends of Heaven.

Hanoi Fudge
Sara Cabrera
Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

I have been a patron of Dude, Sweet since they first opened, and the Hanoi Fudge continues to be my all time favorite. The chocolate and coffee compliment each other so well! I highly recommend!


Get your liquid hot hot and stir this powder in. Stir stir stir. You will be rewarded with an exceptionally smooth, rich, chocolate experience that is not too sweet and or cloying.

Flower Child Truffle
Simply amazing!

We got a sample of Flower Child and immediately had to order more. The flavors meld together beautifully.

Albatross Fudge
Robin Gordon
Gift for Ali

She lives in LA and loves your chocolate the best!!

Crack in a Box
Phillip Barnett
Great Chocolate but different

We have been exposed to Ethel M, See's, and Godiva, I want to say that Dude Sweet holds it's own place. We are looking into what we can create with the Dude Sweet Chocolate we have besides just consuming it as is.

Dude Sweet Holiday Sampler
Awesome chocolate

The only problem with Dude Sweet Chocolate is it doesn’t last long enough! I gave some to my customers for Christmas and they all loved it, hopefully they will become regulars.

Dude Sweet Holiday Sampler
Scott Boiko
prompt delivery and superb product, was gifted and enjoyed

as always Wonderful

Flower Child Truffle
Gretchen Ferris
On to California

You’re chocolates go to California. They love them!

Holiday Favorite!

A favorite of my brother-in-law since he was first introduced years ago when we lived in Dallas. Now it is a regular piece of his gift each year. While always addressed to the family, he’s certain it is “actually just for him.” He has proclaimed it, “easily the best granola, chocolate or otherwise, he has ever tasted.”