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This years cacao infused vinegar is a natural vinegar occurrence not as much of an infusion.  Started in 2017 in a barrel that started in Vermont at Whistlepig distillery, then moved to Deep Ellum Brewery and then landed at Dude Sweet.  Wild Texas blueberry, cacao, chocolate, vanilla and a mother of all mothers.  When it is gone... well it is gone.

Spread the word, our chocolates are award winning!

Our famous chocolates are the culmination of incredible culinary experience and vision. We use high end ingredients with unique flavor profiles. Since 2009, we're commited to provide Chocolate For The People.

Did You Know?

The Dude, Sweet team never gets sick of eating their own chocolate.

Dude, Sweet is celebrating 13 years in business in 2022.

Chef Katherine loves to ride her bike.