Fruity Crack

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A "chunky" candy bar tribute for adults.  72% South American dark chocolate studded with bing cherries, golden raisins, dried black currants and fenugreek.  We use the fenugreek to balance out the tannins attached to dried fruits.

Note-Fenugreek is good for nursing mothers.  

7-10 each slabs per box


Customer Reviews

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Caitlin Paleologus
Perfectly bitter, sweet and fruity just like me

I absolutely love the fruity crack. It’s wonderfully dark yet balanced with the chewy pieces of dried fruit. It is my go to treat when I just want something a little sweet but not a full on dessert. *pairs well with afternoon coffee

Bobbi Murray
Better late than never, I guess-

Love Dude, Sweet products, but I haz a confusion--ordered a delivery at the beginning of May for my sister's birthday, assumed it got to her then got a notice this past week that it was out for delivery. Don't understand that.

Do love the products so hope we can make it go more smoothly next time...?

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