FDA Chocolate Salami

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FIGS, DATES AND ALMONDS. California marzipan studded with dried figs, meedjoul date paste, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate and sea salt mixed together an formed into a log that looks just like salami.  

fully vegan!!

THE BACKSTORY OF THIS SEASON'S AWAITED CHOCOLATE SALAMI >> Chef Katherine won't take CRUD for an answer. We exclusively use marzipan from Mandelin, owned by Thomas and Kim Vetsch in San Luis Obispo, California. It's a premium blend of 66% blanched California almonds and pure cane sugar.

There was a shortage starting in November, and to get this goodness we're competing with Michael Laiskonis, executive pastry chef of Le Bernardin and Fernando Salazar, pastry chef of Campanile, to name a couple.

Katherine tasted several other premium suppliers to try to get Salami made for the upcoming holiday rush, but Dude, Sweet Chocolate Salami deserves the best so we held firm until we could get our share of the beloved Mandelin marzipan.

We hope to never be out again